What is initiation?

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Ans: Initiation or Deeksha is a spiritual process where an enlightened master triggers the awakening of inner potential … Siddha Guru Atmananda ji Initiates Sadhaks through Shaktipat diksha, Pranpat Diksha and Shivpat diksha.

Shaktipat Diksha – In this style of initiation The kundalini shakti dormant in the Mooladhara is awakened and the as the sadhak continues doing his sadhanas, the kundalini shakti will rise up and will burn all the negative qualities in the sadhak therby purifying and expanding his consciousness…

Pranapat Diksha – Pranapat Diksha is one of the most powerful and rare diksha style practised by only very few advanced siddha sampradayas… The ancient tradition of Raja Yoga is of 8 limbs – Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi. But in Pranapat Diksha By Guru atmanada ji pure grace and unconditional love towards Community Humanity He is sharing a part of prana or life force energy due to which sadhak instead of practicing and experiencing all the 8 limbs of yoga can directly experience the Samadhi like state whenever he feels like connecting with the higher self. Thus fastening the inner spiritual growth a million fold.

Shivpat diksha:- Is the most powerful and rarest Diksha which a sadhak can be blessed with. This Initiation is Only given by Great siddhas of Himalayas who are inaccessible to normal people.

In this Intitiation Guruji will merge sadhaks Kundalini or enery channel to his energy channel, since the upward flow of kundalini in Supramental masters is very powerful it will forcefully pull the kundalini shakti of sadhaks upwards and will stop the chitti shakti (which has a tendency to move down wards ) from falling back to mooladhara. This is so powerful that after the initiatation sadhak can experience the state of continues awareness and stillness within 24×7.

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